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As information technology becomes a very important thing in a bussiness, we realize that many companies, organization or even a person need an information system to improve their information resource. Not only in bussiness, information technology also extends in wider environment, such as education, health, etc.

That's why we come up to be a solution for all problems in information system. We provide desktop, web and also network service to maximize your information system. With our fresh developer and expert network engineer, we turn your problem into the right solution.

Being confused by many kind of IT problems? Consult with us.

As an IT agency, we are not only provide a rich set of IT tools, but we also provide a deep consultation for your IT problems in your bussiness. Tell us your problem, discuss with us and get the solution.

Our team consists of professional software developer and network engineer, and good consultant as well. You do not have to worry about any kind of problems, we give you a golden way for each one of them. Let us have a look at our powerful services.

Mobile device now becomes a must-have thing for most people in the world. Therefore, we deliver great options for you who want to upgrade your bussiness with mobile apps on Android and iOS. We have great resources to build your powerful and modern mobile application.
Need an application that can be opened on any devices such as PC, tablet and smartphone? You need the web apps then. We build a fast and secure web application based on great web technologies. It's done by our professional web developer.
Want to make a great network connection on your bussiness? We provide network infrastructure service that can handle your network needs. Our CISCO certified engineers are ready for you.

Our Tools

Visual Studio

A part of the biggest application framework .NET from Microsoft, Visual Basic .NET gives a stunning performance for desktop apps. The best choice for application that needs high speed performance

Microsoft SQL Server

Database management system from Microsoft for handling data transaction on your desktop apps. The best suite for desktop application built on .NET framework


A fast, secure and also popular framework for building full featured server-side web application written in PHP. It's totally lightweight compared to other PHP framework!


No jQuery for UI! VueJS is a progressive Javascript framework for building complex and interactive UI for any scale web application. You should have not worry about your UI performance.


The most popular database management system for web application. Provides fast performance data transaction and compatible for any platforms. CodeIgniter plays well with MySQL.


20% websites using this powerful content management system, and we do too. Has a large and active community that always give full support. The best choice for blog site and simple bussiness website


The worldwide leader in IT and networking. Helps people connect, communicate and collaborate. You should not worry about Cisco's capability for handling your bussiness communication


It's a great tools for you who need high quality wireless-based network. Mikrotik has both powerful software system and hardware. Ensure your enjoyable communication

Let's Work Together!

Our Teams

Rino Herningtyas

Managing company, final decision maker, and expert network engineer

CEO & Founder

Dany Prastio

The leader of software development. Main creator of our Android application

Lead Software Development

Adnan Zaki

Core developer of web application. He mixes CodeIgniter and Vue.js into powerful and modern web application

Web Developer


Develop, maintain and manage backend services of our application. An easy-adapted programmer.

Backend Engineer

Niko Martin

Aggressive, communicative person, has advance marketing strategy

Marketing Division

Raju Ardiansyah

Always-fun engineer, no one doubt about his skill and knowledge in networking

Lead Network Engineer

Try Alqourni Ananda

An expert who has capability building complex and efficient network infrastructure

Network Engineer

Muhammad Maulana Yasin

Fast, accurate and effective in creating network analysis

Network Analyst

Firhan Yudha Pratama

Experienced network engineer, more than 3 years of experience

Network Engineer

Andika Prasetyo

A dexterous person in his work, a true hard worker.

System Administrator

Joko Edi Jumarno

Calm, has wide knowledge of administration

System Administrator

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